7 Hot Jobs for $70K+

By Alida Moore, PayScale.com

When it comes to planning for your financial future, securing a job in a growing industry might be your best bet. But, which jobs have the most promise for a $70K (or higher) payday?

According to online salary database, PayScale.com, industries on the rise include technology, engineering, and finance. "Jobs in these industries are 'hot' because they are in high-demand, rapidly growing fields, and are expected to experience positive growth, both in pay and job opportunities," says Katie Bardaro, Director of Analytics at PayScale.

Here are seven jobs that typically pay over $70,000, each with a predicted growth rate of over 14 percent, the average rate of all jobs as predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Petroleum Geologist
Median Pay: $100,000

The oil and gas industry frequently appears in lists of industries that are thriving. A petroleum geologist plays a key role in finding oil, using various sciences to discover potential oil traps. A bachelor's degree is required, though some positions require candidates to have a master's degree in geology or petroleum engineering.

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Data Scientist, IT
Median Pay: $91,500

Big Data is technology's newest player and it's here to stay, Bardaro says. "In today's world, everyone wants to collect and analyze data to make their products and businesses more successful," she explains. A data scientist is required to spot trends in data, so this career might be a good fit for you if you are inquisitive, patient, and analytic. A bachelor's degree is required.

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Management Consultant

Median Pay: $87,400

With the economy still in recovery from the Great Recession, businesses need to be strategic about their choices. A management consultant can help a business decide the best path of action to take when it comes to making decisions about growth, employees, and products. Ideally, a management consultant helps render businesses more successful. This job typically requires a bachelor's degree.

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Portfolio Manager
Median Pay: $84,500

With the uncertainty of the economy, it's good to have a team of professionals overseeing portfolios, explains Bardaro. "Typically, portfolio managers work for a company, rather than an individual, managing financials to ensure they grow year over year, to make sure the boat doesn't sink," she says. This job typically requires a bachelor's degree.

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Clinical Engineer, Medical Devices
Median Pay: $72,600

The demand for healthcare services rises with our increasing population. As baby boomers age, the need ultrasound machines, dialysis machines, and other medical devices will continue to multiply. A clinical engineer is responsible for responding to this need by making these devices smarter, more technologically advanced. This job requires a bachelor's degree.

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Content Strategist

Median Pay: $72,100

If you are a creative thinker who understands how to make a brand appeal to a wide audience, you might be well-suited for a career as a content strategist. Bridget Quigg, content strategist at a Seattle, WA tech startup, enjoys a lot of variety in her career. "I love my job. It's creative almost 100 percent of the time. Infographics, whitepapers, articles, blog posts - I get to make all kinds of topics shine," says Quigg. Typically, a person in this career holds a bachelor's degree.

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Android Software Developer
Median Pay: $70,500

Next time you are waiting on line at the coffee shop, look around and notice how many patrons are using their phones. "Smartphone usage is on the rise; mobile devices have become one of the main ways people consume media," says Bardaro. If you have ideas for great apps and an understanding of the Android operating system and software development, you might enjoy this career.

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Source: All salary and education data provided by online salary database PayScale.com. Salaries listed are median, annual pay for workers with five to eight years of experience and include all bonuses, commissions or profit sharing. The projected growth rate is the Bureau of Labor Statistics' forecast of the percentage job growth between 2010 and 2020.

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